Before the Bomb Drops

(Before the Bomb Drops)

I think I love being a no-namer
but I walk around like somebody which makes it even stranger
I want a nice girl but all I get is danger
'Cuz after two months I'm like "Well, I'll just see you later? I don't know"
I'm fly like a plane that's always stuck in a hanger
I know I can fly but on the bottom left is my disclaimer
Like you should not listen to your God if...
You really think he listens to your bullshit
'Cuz it's all fucked up
Like Beyonce's sister in an elevator when Jay-Z got punched.
Hold on Taylor Swift
Imma let you finish - I'mma win this
Ya'll run a raquet like Tennis
Man, I get bad like Dennis
Times are getting crazy, everybodies got a baby
Every lady wants to hate me everytime my heart gets achey
You can't be that mad, life ain't that bad
If it was you should be glad that your not in Baghdad, be happier

-- Transmission --
Almost 24 hours has passed
Since we first learned of the Atomic Bomb
Even since learning of the description of this new weapon
It's capablities seem to tempt human imagination

Last night I got drunk and I thought I was gonna die
I texted a girl I don't care about and I don't know why
But who cares, at the end of the bomb will drop and you'll stare
At the pillowing cloud that comes down and then it tears
Through the cities you'll be there sharing something so witty
Then poof it's all gone but cockroaches that are shifty
Unbearably ripping, in the end nothing really matters
Not on social media or anything you've said in all your chatter
You're 9-5 will be nothing, You're money becomes nothing
At the end of the day all you wanted to be was something
Well, here's a tip
There's no value at the end of the trip
You'll not even be remembered for your valiantness
So I'm will live it like I give it not demented for my prisions
On a mission to be different, it's so easy so just listen
At the end remember this subtle advice
Just remember, it's okay and it's only just life


-- Transmission --
Well they speak of bombs in the plural
But headquaters tells us only one bomb was dropped
What this new discovery can mean for a peacetime new world
Is almost beyond the comprehension of mere humans