11/10/2015: "It's Been Awhile..."

“It’s been awhile… It’s been awhile..”  Let’s start off with a really shitty song by the always entertaining Nickleback.  A whole month.  Let me tell you.  It’s been a long and confusing road.  At one point, I even genuinely wanted to hear a Justin Bieber song on Spotify (private streaming of course).  It’s been bad.   

I love Kansas City, and I’m glad the Royals have done it.  Like always, I’ve been able to find the good and the bad in all of this.  The Good: Connection.  It’s brought random people together for something to smile about.  That’s great.  You wear a Royals hat and suddenly everybody is your best friend.  Mankind needs more of that.  Less judging, more “Hey, you are from the same place as me.  Let’s try and figure this shit out together.  More people are finally going outside again.  That’s big for performers.  We need people to feel like they want to go outside.  Too many deaths making headlines and now our sports team is cheering and we can get 800K people outdoors in the same place and nothing bad happens.  That’s good.  We are improving Kansas City.

But… being the horrible piece of shit I am.  I also see the bad.  The Bad:  False sense of accomplishment.  The team won.  We helped and cheered and spend money but we haven’t trained our whole life times for this moment.  In fact a lot of people will genuinely tell you they didn’t support the Royals until they started winning.  There’s a difference in real fans and a new fans.  I’m not gonna hipster this all up and tell those new fans to fuck off, but that victory is so much sweeter to the old fans.  Also, this whole Kansas City is the nicest place in the world and everyone is so genuine and nice here is bullshit.  My day job since music still pays like a hobby :( is retail and people have not changed.  In fact with holiday season coming up, they have gotten worse.  I specifically remember a video of a Chiefs fan in the least classy way possible berating a Patriots fan and no one really doing anything in the crowd.  I get it, football is different than baseball, but that still represents Kansas City.  

With all that said, I wasn’t a big baseball fan but I got taken by the rush and now I can say I enjoy baseball.  Especially since I’m a Detroit Lions fan.  Why?  It’s a long story but it’s a lot of hardships.  

Anyways, I got over a cold recently, and this year in general.  It’s been odd.  Ups and downs.  Personal highs in career, personal lows in life.  I’ve kept my circle small this year, way too small.  Sometimes there wasn’t a circle.  Sometimes it was a tictac, sometimes it was a thumb tack.  If you know what I mean.  Meaning, at times, I can be a bastard.  I can’t say I let too many in this year.  I need to work on it, I’m all about connection.  Connecting with people, in all sorts and forms.  That’s what it’s all about but you get trapped in your cycles and you forget that there is a life to live.  

I mean it’s, work, music, work, music, work, music, friends b-day? but… music, Can drive a man insane, but I like to believe I’ll figure it out.  Need to step outside of your cage every once and awhile.

So proud to see Domineko have such a great show.  He deserves it.  I’ve got shows coming up.  My main man Arcane Logic is finding his style, if he can just get over himself.  Rap-Royalty.com is kicking ass.  There’s a lot going on.  

Oh yeah, I’m releasing an album at the end of the year called “Almost Blue”.  It’s a surprise.  A gift if you made it all the way down here.

Your humble narrator,
Second Hand King