11/22/2015: “Take It Easy”

I’ve sold myself short a lot.  

Talked myself out of things I rightfully deserved because I thought to myself “How could it be mine?”  "Why did I do to deserve this?“ .  

That’s over with.  2015 is about to come to a close & I know where I want to go.  There’s nothing in my way anymore.  While a lot of people have done the “happy” thing, I’ve been here.  Working.  Building.  Creating a future.  Creating something that I can be happy with and one day I will live off this.  

The second guessing, all that bullshit - it’s done.  That’s 2014.  It’s over with .  I’ve grown organically, the honest way.  As honest as they come I should say.  We’ve all got our skeletons in our closet but I’m done hanging out with mine.  

I’m a dreamer but the dream can only get you so far.  Wake up, smell the sniffing salt and realize the lies.  For me, being a piece of shit is wasting any moment on this earth and every time I do that - something suffers.  Work, family, music, all of it suffers because I am just not quite the man I want to be at that time.   

I think what it comes down to, is those who go big and those who don’t.  Dream big, work towards that goal.  Fuck anything that stands in your way, I mean - you sell yourself short with this halfway dreams.  You’re not a piece of shit.  No matter the mistakes you’ve made.  

Got knocked up?  Haven’t followed where you wanted to go?  Working a dead end job?   Not quite good enough at your craft?  

Fuck it.  Fuck it all.  Everybody castle crumbles down eventually, but you build back up because that’s human nature and those are the type of people this world needs.  A kid isn’t a life sentence, a dead end job isn’t the only thing in this world, and here’s a fact:  Not everybody is Micheal Jordan.  They just aren’t.  Be you.  Not Micheal Jordan.  

Fuck anything that doesn’t deserve you, and fuck anything that stands in the way of your big ole dreams.  

Your friend,
Second Hand King