6/17/2015: Happiness Is Not Being Happy All The Time, So You Are.

Do me a favor.  Listen to somebody every once and awhile.  Listening is loving.  It’s just as important to listen to somebody else, as to let somebody else in.  You do that irregardless when you listen to someone.  When you begin to understand what it is exactly what you are doing.  

I’m going to start confiding in you again, because I feel as if my life gets knotted up every once and awhile and this brings me clarity.  I don’t write for anyone other than myself.  I do make music for me, but I write songs about other people.  Besides the point.

What do you do on your search for happiness?  You stop searching.  You feel everything as is, so calm down.  A lot of people find it in someone else.  What do we bastard artistic’s find it in?  Other people.  Not one person, OTHER people.  I say these things and I spend more time working on my own shit more than anybody.  I’ll get better on that.  

Everything happens for a reason.  Spitballing here.  No real story, just felt like writing today.  Sometimes I think I can find the meaning of the universe a million times over and it’ll never change anything.  I don’t know man, this shit is crazy.  This world is crazy.  Don’t hold yourself back.  Don’t read self help books.  You have Second Hand King blog.  

Do something.  I should be doing something else right now.

Your chaotic narrator,
Second Hand King