7/31/2015: RIP “Rowdy” Roddy Pipper

Rest in peace Roddy.  

Had to get that out first.  The man was a legend.  Can’t throw that word around, and he was the definition.  The way he got on a mic, and could just own the crowd.  That’s the stuff of legend.  The way he carried himself, who he was.  The shit he said.  Thanks for all of it.  

I swear I had something to say when I started typing this.  I was thinking about it, you know, going crazy.  Another night, another 10 dollars spent at Taco Bell.  We all have our vices.  

“Loving u is complicated”

Kendrick had it right.  Pretty sure Kendrick had it right on a lot of things.  I also don’t think that it’s an album saying “Fuck white people”, I think it’s an album about empowering people.  

Fuck any headliner that thinks they are better than Kansas City. 

This time it’s Alex Wiley.  I mean I get it, Mac Miller’s house.  Probably his hero.  Wants him to be whatever.  I guess everywhere you go there are those people.  I mean I’ve had a taste of “the industry” and I know I shouldn’t come out right and say these things, but c'mon man.  Nobody ever said musicians were good people, but why do I feel like people think Kansas City is third rate?  Everybody says you gotta move outta here to do anything with your career.   I think you do have to tour, play out, maybe even move for awhile - but Kansas City isn’t a piece of shit.  Charlie fucking Parker.  He was born and raised in Kansas City, sure he had to move to New York to really catch on, but the craft was born and bred in Kansas City.  

Don’t shit on my city.  All I ask.  Johnny Polygon is dope though.  So that’s good.

Maybe it goes beyond me and I’m just a small fish in a small pond - I don’t know.  I’d like to be up there, but fuck it.  I love the fans I have, and I love the people I’ve met recently.  I think the music is good and the next album will be 10x better or I’ll quit.  

I don’t know what to say all the time.  I have some big shows coming up.  

w/ Mac Lethal, Indyground @ Indyfest 8/8
w/ JBomb @ RecordBar 8/19


Then tour dates, then something big to announce.

I hate my day job.  

Your adhd-riddle-but-never-take-the-pills-till-i-die narrator,
Second Hand King.