8/15/2015: Ode to fans, friends, & family.

So people actually read this blog.  Some people have been contacting and telling me that they have spent the time to read these twisted thoughts in my mind.  Not that twisted, but I do use this thing as a soundboard.  Keep me fresh.  Active.  Loose.  My writing stretches.  Keep reading, or don’t.  I don’t know, I could be a shit blogger.  Who cares?

Big things coming up.

I hit KC, STL, CHICAGO, COLUMBIA, & LAWRENCE w/ my buddy JBOMB.  Steddy has done good things for me, there’s definite growth going on here.  RecordBar next Wednesday, and then without coming up for air - I snagged a headliner with all my friends on the Riot Room Patio in Kansas City.  If you are a fan, friend, whatever reading this.  You are so fucking crucial to me.  It’s really easy to passively sit back and listen to music.  Takes time, energy, battles with anxiety, to go out and support music and you guys do that for me.  You spend a dollar amount - that to me, suggests that you also believe I can do this for the rest of my life. 

That’s all I need really.  I think.  Before the album release show, there were a lot of questions.  I didn’t know if I could fill a room.  Or if, people would give a shit if I dropped an album or not.  Or if the weather would suck.  Or, or, or… So many things up in the air but there you guys were.  Right front in center.  Supporting, YELLING out the lyrics to my songs.  You do realize what that means to me?  I’ve set aside pretty much everything in order to really try at this thing and it’s working.  Before the Bomb Drops made 7 dollars on spotify in a week.  That’s unheard of.  Spotify hasn’t paid me dick until recently.  It’s all because of you guys.  I work hard, put out music but it’s a two way street.  Need people to listen to it and there you are.

Thank you. 

I originally thought this post would be one of those whimsical, “who knows what happens” sort of posts but it’s not.  It’s a “I am happy” post and even though the world is crumbling all around us all the time, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT THE WAY IT NEEDS TO.

Progression.  Growth.  These are the most important factors.  I’ve had a taste for it, now I want it all the time.  

I get these facebook messages every once and awhile from people that have identified with songs.  The album.  All of these things,  it’s really fucking cool.  I started working on a new album already.  I really like the first song I have, hopefully I’ll like the others.  Indyfest was incredible.  The crowd was scattered then when I went on, the floor was there.  That’s what it’s all about.  

Give it up for yourselves people.  Give it up for yourself.  

Before the Bomb Drops.  Be happy.

Your melancholy-but-oddly-positive writer/friend,
Second Hand King