9/21/2015: #ConstantlyPositive

So, I played a music fest called Indyfest which is the biggest Kansas City hip-hop festival.  (Props to Indyground) I had a pretty good crowd, had a headlining show 10 days later so I thought naturally, it was a great idea to do a ticket give away.

In the front row of the show, was this guy John aka WhyteLyte. He has Cerebral Palsy and was wearing a loud #ConstantlyPositive shirt. He was getting into the set. I usually feed on that energy, halfway towards the end of the set, it was going great and decided to do a ticket giveaway.

He came running up, with some other people. He fell, hit his head on the speaker, I ended up giving away like 5 tickets instead of 2 because I felt like an asshole. I talked to him after the show, he told me his story, how he’s constantly positive & how he speaks about suicide prevention.

Just really dug him. I decided to give him 3 minutes in the middle of my headlining set 10 days later. Just thought I’d share this guys story. It is rap, I just appreciate the message. His outlook, how he looks at life. Happy to call him a friend currently.

LINK TO HIS SHIRTS THAT GO TO SUICIDE PREVENTION: https://squareup.com/market/constantlypositive