Thank you CHUCK & thank you others

Been awhile.  

Last thing I dropped in here was a bit of sad poetic babble.  I've tried to write in you a couple times.  Make that .. 4 times.  They are drafts.  This might end up as a draft.  I've been throwing out a lot lately.  

I'm changing.  

I don't know why this year, 26 1/2 years of life lived I decided it was time.  Tried last year and I guess it just didn't take.  This year it did.  

Let me start.  I meant to write about CHUCK.  I put the nail in the coffin Saturday.  I'll never forget what CHUCK taught me.  Never.  He taught me, there's something you can find in anybody.  Some relation.  I've always had an affinity for the strange, maybe because at times myself I have felt strange.   Me & CHUCK were two very different people.  Let me try this again...

I had the best performance of my career last Saturday.  Honestly.  & it pains me to move on from CHUCK the album because I feel like it's underrated.  It's my baby, of course I am supposed to say that, but I don't get what has repelled you so much from CHUCK, Kansas City.  Was he too weird?  Was it too weird that I felt he deserved an album?  Either way it doesn't matter now because it's done.  Dead.  Finished.  CHUCK will remain in the gallows.  
There weren't a ton of people there no, I didn't get my usual slew of press.  It wasn't packed like my last few headliners, but for the people that were there.  The room was electric.  I found my feet as a performer.  I can honestly say that.  It's harder to play a room when it's not a bunch of crazed Second Hand King fans but something happened that night.  "Turn the Ugly into Beauty".  That's what happened.  

Save the apologies, the "I meant to go".  You missed a show that will define the rest of my career for years to come.  I should apologize to you for not making it clear to you that this was so important.  If you made it and you are reading this, thank you.  Thank you and thank you for continuing to grow with me on this crazed journey.  

That show was special.  I'm on the right path.  I know this is where I need to be and there is no better place than Kansas City.  I'm not afraid of you Kansas City.  I'm not afraid of your barriers and walls.  You just need somebody to grab you by the neck and shake you until you wake up.  That's where I come in.  

Hello, Kansas City.  I'll be your alarm clock.  

I'm conquering from now on.  This half way bullshit stops.  Nobody has a blueprint to my life and I'll continue to follow my heart and gut until it's Are. Eye. Pee.   

If this makes sense to you dear reader, let's band together.  What took us so long?  Let's ride this thing together.  

Go time.  

Your humble / angry / oddly happy / thankful narrator,