Love Yourself

It's crazy out here, and seems there's no end in sight. Everybody has an idea and sometimes it's really hard to tell where a person is coming from. On the surface right now, it feels like everything is falling apart -- that's not true. There's plenty of people out there smart enough to realize the make up of a person isn't what you see in the mirror.

What we need more than ever is an opportunity to love ourselves. If you love and respect yourself, fight for what you truly believe in -- the ends will always justify the means. Whatever that means to you. I don't know your struggle, you don't know mine for the most part, but there's a reason compassion has the word passion in it. 

It seems to me, a lot of us are still trying to figure out what it means to give a shit about ourselves and others so we breed what comes naturally: hate. Hate in doses is good, as long as it's directed towards understanding and base. Hate, rage, blinds. We have to be aware of that. 

Whatever you stand behind, if you look at the guy next to you and your first thought is hate all the way towards death, you are doing it wrong. 

Love yourself, understand that love. Inside and out of it and maybe some of things will fall into place. That's what Kendrick was trying to get across. We just tend to focus on the loudest voices, right or wrong.

I'm learning too, let's learn together.

your pupil of an author,
Second Hand King