"I see no changes, wake up in the morning & I ask myself..."

"Is life worth living or should I blast myself?"

I feel like that line, for some reason, has always been what comes to mind when I think of Tupac.  I'm happy I can't say the same, but maybe that's selfish considering.   This country is still so brainwashed, it thinks people need to stand for the national anthem.  Who gives a fuck?  He doesn't like it here & if you nitwits had half a brain, you'd realize you are playing right into his hand.  

Irregardless, I'm changing.  Dramatically.  It's amazing, you believe in yourself a little and you let a little light shine in and all of a sudden, you're not the "almost blue (really all the way blue" young man you once were.  I feel like my eyes are opened, and I see so much I didn't before.  

That means changes.  Can't go back now.  Don't have time for it.  I think people mistake happiness.

It's not, the great shit all the time.  It's not heaven.  Happiness is the good, the bad, the sad, the mad, the great, the joyous, all of those things and being happy is making peace with all of that.  It's just the peace of it all, it's not feeling good all the time.  We are all human for better or worse, we make mistakes.  Even Nietzsche, who famously penned "God is Dead", lost his head and wrote books as Jesus Christ.  

Did he though?

Off topic.

Kansas City, I'll always hold a little bit of grit and country because of you.  I enjoy that side.  We don't always get along, but I want to be happy with you.   Excited about this show on Sept 10th.  I can't say too much, but I hope you loyal readers are there.  For more than a couple reasons I can't explain right now.

What it always comes back to is the song for me, so no need to worry my friends.  No matter how far I go there's always that.  I don't know, I'm ranting.  It's amazing where my mind goes.  

I'm not running away anymore.  Running towards something now.  I see it.  It's right there,  but now, it's holding onto it all.

Your loyal confidant,