Cheap Love

(Before the Bomb Drops)


The smallest truth is the brightest
A tiny undeniable fire
It was new, it was love, it was cheap
It was new, it was love, it was cheap
Cheap like .... 

I need it twice, you need it first
I dream of life because I dream of her
I paid the price, how much occurred?
Went home that night so much obsured
Used to walk by me and smile
Used to talk to me I'd dial
A little bit of charm, get you on my arm
I'd pile on that fake style
She pays me in coffee and heartbreak
I love heartbreak but how much more can I take?
I wanna wait, I wanna pace
I sit for you at the bottom of a lake
Uh ... the air up there is too late
Uh ... the more I inhale is my fate
Uh ... drown in the bottom of hate
I wish you could relate, I hate every part of you I create
A dream is our way around reality
We want the things without gravity
Her eyes gunned me down fatality
I don't know why I get so mad at me!! 
Hold that thought
Having drinks I don't have to think much but I think
We should walk around for a minute on the brink
Of whatever we're trying to be
You tell me you are trying to be a cook
She creates the greatest food in the sink
I know it tastes good but it stinks
She says her baby daddy won't pay bills
And the gut in his stomach is so real
Drinks every night and he takes pills
Does nothing with his life
But she still loves him and I can see it
I don't wanna believe it but I see it, yeah I see it.

Substitutes the arrows of love with cheap.
The arrows of love with cheap
The arrows of love

She gives me a look but don't mean it
I give her the look and I mean it
I guess I took what I'm meaning
And got shook from the ceiling
I dreamt about her like it was love
I knew it wasn't but then it was
I noticed her arm and she'd touch
Me - just to get me going enough
Why should I stop?
When I got enough to afford this cheap love I got
I just wanna get what you got
Drop a little something at the risk of the spot
'Cuz when that wrong thing comes through
In that dress wearing that blue
That baby blue, what about that baby too?
I can't be a dad and a crazy fool
Always after that night when I'm home
I wish I wasn't alone
And you were always on my mind
Baby, you're always on my mind
I wanna know why
Nothing really matters when I say it does
I say it's love, you say it's love
We play the drug, I slay the stuff
I play to cuff, you play it rough
Thinking like now we can stray from us
I don't wanna live like I made you bluff
But I made you bluff ... AH
Hate your trust, you hate my back
I play a song and you say it's whack
And we fade to black enough times that I made a track
Enough lines about this hateful trap
Nothing really mattress.