Things have been looking up & I've been doing good
But nobody cares about albums like they really should
& everybody wants to be the king of Hollywood
& I'm just trying to make it out of my neighborhood
but I've been staying home, I've made some enemies
I'm paying more attention to what you've been selling me
I've got a big dream & a neglected heart
I got a lot of people trying to see this fall apart
I want the big screen, I want the nice clothes
I want this all to matter, I want you all to know
I want to be on top I want my stars to shine
But then again I hope my debit card doesn't decline

I learned a lot of lessons
I took a lot of hits eat my tons of dirt & now I'm tough as bricks
This is my year you all will see
Everybody is gonna know the name FRANKIE


When I was young I dreamt
Dreamt i could see the stars
Drew battles on my paper, earth vs. mars
When I was failing class, my teacher said “Joe you are good at Legos but you are very bad at math”
Mrs. Norma Brooks, you threw out all my books
In the hallway, all the kids stopped and looked
I could believe it either, with fire in her eyes
She said “Get your shit together or don't even try”
I've always had this problem, no one thinks I care
I swear to god I'm trying, otherwise I'm not here
I'm not my lack of college or the things
I've learned diplomas don't show knowledge only things I've burned
There's no grades that define not this or anytime I will not be stuck behind a job, freedom will be mine
I'll wear my crown of thorns, a hero will be me in ten years you will all love Frankie


....and thus the story begins Frankie the Entertainer
Who had one goal in life & that was to start loving himself and stop caring so much about what other people thought
all frankie wanted was to be completely and uttlerly free

every dream I've had when I was ten years old is making me a prisoner, a prisoner
every dream I've ever had is making me a prisoner, a prisoner