the past is a promise
of things that came
will we be the change
that is uncovered from rain

i love you and i never doubt
but the sky turns gray
and sometimes i never know
what i want to say

maybe it's nothing at all
but a smile that precedes
all the pain we've focused on
the depths that we breathe

i've never known this part of me
perhaps it scared me at first
in my heart i know -- 
this is everything that is worth

as i stare at the only two things that
matter to me, it feels like always and forever
a dreamer last a lifetime
but a lifetime of never

positive or negative.  
good or bad
the right or the wrong

it's a choice
and when it's wrong
i hear a voice
that destroys

choice not chance has determined who we are

and i'm no longer the former
i am no longer the fear that drives
i am no longer the child
scared of the impending doom

i am the man i want to be
i am the man i need to be
for me.  

but rest assured... the rest will be for you.
so that one day i can look in your eyes
no longer blinded by my deprecated thoughts

just a man who knows
the diamond that he's got. 

(to give)