Second Hand City Podcast

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Episode 8 w/ Reach

In this episode me and Domineko talked to Reach about life, philosophy, the Chiefs and at the end he may of changed my life. Such a great episode.

Episode 7 w/ Stik Figa

We sat down with Stik Figa and talked about Kansas City, the stench of Kansas City rappers, mainstream hip-hop, and his career up to this point.   Also joined by Domineko as co-host and co-co-host Dev3n.   

Episode 6 w/ Dev3n 

I sat down with Dev3n and we talked about his project with Arkutec, and found out some pretty interesting information about his process.  Also we talked about shows, performing & we talked about the night at Roxy's where a guy was shot and killed.  Co-hosted by Domineko

Episode 5 w/ Steddy P - "Don Hancho"

I sat down with rapper, entrepreneur, founder of Indyground & co-owner of The Loop KC to talk buisness, advice for up and comers and way more.  Also joined by Roommate Chris aka Don Hancho.   

Episode 4 w/ Sinple - "Bowie, Bowie, Bowie..."

I sat down with Jesse Bartmess of Sinple & Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type. We talked mainly about the passing of David Bowie among other things.

Episode 3 - Late Night w/ The King

Every once and awhile, Second Hand King at 1-3 AM in the morning will do a podcast with himself and himself only.

Episode 2 w/ Clark Rooseveltte - "Facebook Jesus"

Second Hand King & Co-Host Domineko interview Clark about his projects, his rise & facebook jesus.

Episode 1 w/ Domineko - “She Looked Like a Pitbull”

The first episode of Second Hand City goes over Second Hand King's First Friday experience then brings his buddy Drew to co-host with special first guest Domineko. They talk about past stories, what influences him & a trip to Arkansas they both experienced.