Woke Up At 7

(Before the Bomb Drops)

I was just like thrilled
This was something I'd never seen before
Eyes got wide
Everybody looked like they were in a riot
But there was some kind of order to it
And I just had to be part of it

Woke up at 7
Am I in heaven?
I'm not
Thinking and drinking the coffee from pots
I know I should stop
I know this, I just know I will not
I wear a smile better known as a prop
Walk a mile just to find what I got
Come back home to find
A twisted mind, oh so wicked design
The stars on the channel sold me this flannel
Now they tell the world is over
I know it's hard to handle
My phone lit up like a firefly
I wonder why they wanna bomb us
How could they?

I found your picture by my bedstand
I'm thinking of you, dreaming of you
The things that we do
The things that we can't
The things that we won't
The things that will land
Damn, I'm back in my palace again
Dreaming of friends
Dreaming of how this all will end
Hoping I know how to begin again
I wonder if life is a cycle
Like when we die is there revival?
I think I'm in denial
Once again, I check my vitals
They said there was a bomb on the horizon
At first notion I thought he was lying
But then I saw the newsman crying
He looked destroyed
He said, "I love my wife and boys"
"Once you leave my life there's void"
Signal faded out and all I heard was noise
It must be coming
I bet Steve would of laughed at this
'Cuz he was a loner like me
I bet he'd turn on his favorite jam and just let the bomb land
When I went to his funeral, I felt like I didn't belong
We didn't get along but we were two fish in the pond
Trying to act like the scales we had were different
It's not who he was, it's his presence that makes me miss him.

Man, I don't know
I wind up lonely most of the time
Trying to find the depths of mind
Finding all the rocks I can find
So I can throw them down the line
This world is every color entwined
Every color is now, every color is found
Every color wants out, of themselves
It's like running a race against quicksand
Knowing one day you will be beneath land
Without face or a name just a place whence you came
Who really needs fame?

I woke up at 7 to news the bomb would fall
I wish it wouldn't but I guess they made the call
It happens, my sister was sad
I told her don't feel bad
She asked me why
I said becuase we don't know what's in the sky
And when you see that blue
It's me thinking about you
And thinking your alright
Wishing you a goodnight
Don't mention a goodbye
Just say it's a good life
Who knows where you go when the lights fade
No hate, just be grateful for the things that life gave
I made a promise to find the depths till my grave

I woke up at 7
To news that we won't be around much longer
No one will
I know this feels tragic, but you were never promised life
You just got it somehow and it felt lucky
And you walked in your two shoes if you're lucky trust me
The fact that you can hear me now means your lucky
I feel lovely
Nothing is granted everything will vanish
We learn the art of the perfect magician
Dreaming of the day he'll have a crowd to listen
As he makes his last decision
Dreaming of a lasting vision
Falling for a vasting wisdom
We are the dreamers of a life we already live
Like if there wasn't already enough to give
When I heard doom was soon
I got in my room and dreamt for hours
I dream the powers was ours
The flowers devoured
The evils had soured
I dreamt the twin towers never fell
I dreamt about hell
I dreamt about the people in it
I felt like I fit
I wonder why heaven never gave a shit
I wonder why we worship a crucifix
More than God
This is ludicrous
I should stop but I don't

I think heartbreak is wasted on the depressed
We want it all but we act like something left
We dream were not a mess
We dream we don't regret
We dream but we're not sure what we mean
We want to be kings
 We want to have queens
We want, but we're not sure what we mean

We want love but we're not sure what it means
We want to be happy, but we're not sure what it means

We want to expand, give a damn, we want land raise our hands
We understand this how it ends
We want to know beyond our friends
We want it all, then the bomb drops

I would go there, and I would sit there for hours for sometimes
Fully expecting someone to walk in, a familiar face
No one ever came