Before the Bomb Drops

The album about the end of the world.  What would you do if this was your last day on Earth?  This album challenges you to question that answer among other things.  Whether Second Hand King is searching for his own feet in the opening track, to questioning motives in "Cheap Love", to his dreams of being in a "Doo Wop Group" -- Before the Bomb Drops wants you to know "Nothing really matters" and that's okay.

This album while being humorous takes a dark turn in "About a Family Member Dying", then finishing the album off first the romantic "The End of the World" & the coming to terms in "Woke Up at 7".  

Inspired by his Grandfather's death and how he dealt with it.  Before the Bomb Drops wants to conquer death, and if not that -- conquer the anxiety that comes along with it.  

- Ranked #2 Kansas City album of 2015 by

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