Before the Bomb Drops (CD)

Before the Bomb Drops (CD)


Released May 05, 2015

  1. Before the Bomb Drops
  2. Cheap Love
  3. Cold Shoulder
  4. Perfect Day
  5. Doo Wop Group
  6. The Right Way
  7. Ends Tomorrow
  8. She's Married
  9. About a Family Member Almost Dying
  10. The Ground & The Middle
  11. The Scientist
  12. The Bomb (Interlude)
  13. The End of the World
  14. I'm Coming Home
  15. Woke Up at 7

Before The Bomb Drops is an album revolving all around the thought of a war gone on far too long and now it is too late to save. BTBD is an album that is tasked with finding joy and happiness with the world ending. Really though, it's an album about my Grandfather who passed away recently. The last of my grandparents. Although I never directly say it, the album is trying to deal with death and be happy with the life I have now. Along with other things I get into, it is more about trying to rid myself of the worries and help out the people too trying to death with the burden of these things. The album is about getting older and realizing you are not the person you thought you were. That life throws a million hurdles & all you can do is make peace with them all and try to overcome.

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