Ready for an emo post?

I've spent a lot of time talking about this album, "Frankie".  Spent even more time sort of in this lost phase.  

I call it "Frankie" but it's me.  It's all real, and I talk about the parts - "Feeling lost in your environment, love & losing love, depression, isolation, all the -ions".  It's all something I'm  dealing with.  Willing to bet it something you are too.  In fact I'm willing to believe you, reader, are going through something this very instance.  

It's the humanity of it all.  The off & on, the trying & the not trying.  We have to embrace it.  

I've been hurt, you've been hurt - it's the way of the world.  We all still walk into our jobs with our ideals, motives, dreams, motivations & continue to keep trying and breathing and there's a lot of beauty in that.  The fact you can hurt, the fact that some of you can turn on "Frankie" or any album for that matter and we can hear the pain and empathize with it.   There's always gonna be a music industry for people that can feel something.

I forgive you.  Anybody reading this with some sort of pain, I hope you forgive me too and not in this religious way that makes it all straight - I mean in the way that it hurts and I don't think any less of you for it - in fact quite the opposite.  We all just need to heal a little bit and we all need room to heal.  

I sure have a lot of answers tonight.  I'm full of shit.  I don't have any, I just have theories and my theory is that if you can feel, you're okay in my book.  If you're willing to go down that road following your heart and not your brain - you're my kind of people.  

Anyways, love & hate aren't all that different.  In the end, it all turns into dust and we go where we go.  Hatred and love alike.  In so many ways, we as people are still in dark ages & maybe we are slowly chipping away at the light.  All of us, together.  Well most of us, the people that can feel at least.  

Not gonna re-read this and edit, I'm just gonna post it & let you know I'm around.  Hurting like you are, feeling like you are.  

Connection baby, a real connection.  That's real love.  That's all we really want at the end of the day, right?

No matter who you are. 

Not a class, or a race or a world that can deny that. 

Human, all too human, all too in denial of that.

Thanks for listening

Your friend,

Joe Stanziola