The Hardest Part...

The hardest part of the music making world is the month after the album release.

I've made a big deal about releasing album (for myself) since 2014 when I let go of "CHUCK".  Since then I've done, "CHUCK", "Before The Bomb Drops", "Almost Blue", The Bad Dreamer project, & "Frankie" as quote-unquote big releases.  

If I could tell any other striving musicians anything, it'd just be "prepare for the fall".  We all in our own way have an end goals we'd like.  I think on every level of success, we want this one to be the big one or maybe some of you - like me, see this music thing as something WE HAVE to do so maybe you think "after this one, things will change".  For better or worse, things will change so after the album there's this aimless period of.... Well, what's next?

Naively I think I adopt this big concept records in order to fix some part of me I'm dealing with.  I can write out my problems and maybe If I listen to the things I'm trying to tell myself - maybe I'll see through whatever funk or feeling I'm trying to shake.  CHUCK was isolation, Before The Bomb Drops was destiny, Almost Blue was depression, and Frankie is about career & success (for me).  I'd be a liar to say it's the closest I've gotten to children but in a way, I feel connected to these projects like children.

 So maybe, you reading this - have in the same way, this sort of purposeful aimlessness that I currently carry on this Saturday night.  So much of what I try to write has an answer for the madness but what happens when there aren't anymore answers?

Maybe you straddle reality and fantasy in the same way that I do.  "What's real?"  "What's fake?" "What can I actually feel?", I mean ... why do we write music in the first place?

Why have so many talented musicians taken their lives?  Why have I lost some of my talented friends?  Why does this whole existence thing sometimes feel like the bigger picture is actually getting swept under the rug.  

Just a lot of questions tonight, friend.  I consider you a friend because you've read my reading up to this point and for that I am grateful.  Just know, I am anxious too.  If there isn't a point we are striving towards then you're working against yourself.  I need to tell that to myself every waking moment of my life.

Thanks for reading, maybe this helps, maybe it doesn't.

Your friend, 

Joe Stanziola